Your Key Difference™

I believe we all want to make a difference in life. Is your business designed to have you make that difference with each and every client?

At the core of building a business is a big why -

why do you do what you do?

There's the vision board why - the results you're out to produce - financial security, vacations, cars, or whatever inspires you.

And then there's the why to make a difference - the impact you and your business have on the people who choose to work with you.

As we learn from Simon Sinek - "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." And when that why is focused on making a difference - the difference you are called to make in life - you can't fail.

I believe each one of us is compelled to make a unique difference and when that difference get's made, you're lit up, inspired and fulfilled.

Your Key Difference™ is the experience you leave people with when they work with you.

“When people work with me they experience freedom and power in fulfilling their dreams”

That’s my Key Difference™. My coaching business is called "Draw a Door®" because when you feel trapped – for whatever reason – you can Draw A Door® simply by activating your Key Difference™ - what you can reliably be counted on to create for your clients --- and yourself!!

Your Key Difference™:

  • lights you up, and lets you sleep knowing you made a difference today
  • energizes you and directs your actions
  • makes you a better person and a magnet to like minded people
  • is your magic power

I gave this talk in November 2020 about living true to your calling.
Your Key Difference™ is your calling, your raison d'etre, your dharma.

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