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The Integrity Mastermind Network is a structure that empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to accomplish their goals with freedom and power by focusing on authentic actions.

Using the mastermind principal, we leverage the experience and creativity of like-minded business professionals to bring new, out-of-the-box perspectives for finding solutions to business hurdles and ruts.

And we hold each other to account, encouraging our members to share their committed actions each week in a supportive and confidential structure. This creates a sense of commitment and motivation for completing the weekly actions, which they might not otherwise complete on their own.

Slow and Steady

Your participation in this program will help you design or redesign your successful business as a true expression of you. You will increase your earnings and find a new level of freedom, happiness and power in your career.

Weekly Mastermind sessions are facilitated and structured conversations to force growth and changes in perspective.

We Meet on Tuesdays from 8:30-10:00 AM. You are welcome and invited to join us for one session FREE to see if we are a fit for your needs. Meetings start and end on time!

Currently we are meeting online. Contact Butch for the Zoom Link.

Applications Are Required for this group.


Upon acceptance into the Integrity Mastermind Network, I agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct during my participation.

  1. I will be positive, supportive, accountable, committed and open minded.
  2. I will participate and promise to be coachable.
  3. I will be on time to all meeting and I will communicate in advance if I know I will miss a meeting.
  4. I will remain until the end of each meeting.
  5. I promise to keep anything shared in the Integrity Referral Mastermind Network meetings confidential.
  6. Meetings are judgement free zones. People choose actions and paths that fit their principles and values. I promise not to gossip with other members of the group and if I have a concern I will take it to the person who can do something about it.
  7. I will be authentic and real about my strengths and weaknesses including the amount of support I need to be successful.
  8. I promise to be ambitious and be responsible to bring the determination necessary to achieve anything I set my mind to.
  9. This application must be accepted by Integrity Mastermind Network or its representatives and accompanied by one of the tuition options outlined in the Commitment and Fee Agreement.
  10. Integrity Mastermind Network reserves the right to decline membership to any new applicant.

A Small Investment in Your Future

One of the primary advantages of a mastermind group is accountability. You have a room of people cheering on your success.

Member comments:

  • Your coaching approaches issues from an unexpected source causing me to think differently and causes me to take action.
  • I am always motivated and energized after our sessions.
  • Listening to the perspective of others is a great opportunity. I often would have never thought of it in the same manner and it gets me thinking.

Download one -or both - of these thought provoking documents.

Business Reality Check       Do you have a Hobby, Job or a Business?


Integrity Mastermind Network

Weekly 60-90 minutes sessions (44 per year)

Meetings on Zoom

Full Commitment $900 per year ($75 per month)

Partial Commitment $255 per quarter ($85 per month)

Monthly Commitment $100 per month

Download the application and email it back to:

Kind Words from Past Clients

Sharri Weinberg
Michael Rentmeester
Hector Cerda
Coey Kryn