An Educated REALTOR® is a Professional REALTOR®

A Professional REALTOR® is an Educated REALTOR®

As the real estate continues to change as a rapid pace, staying focused and educated is a equirement for agents committed to a career as a real estate professional. Draw A Door® School of Real Estate offers training programs and classes worldwide for real estate agents, and Continuing Education classes for agents in Arizona.

Why Draw A Door® School of Real Estate

The Problem

Profit can come from commission splits, monthly fees, service fees, marketing fees, partnership fees and other place. And when it comes to income based on agents, there are two basic models of agencies: split fee agencies and no-fee agencies.

These companies often offer training and support to help their agents succeed.

Their profitability comes from having more agents paying monthly fees – then adding pay as-you-go services to their agents. A low fee agency is often attractive to agents – so we have a wealth of agents who are uneducated and inexperienced in operating a successful real estate business.

Going to an agency with no fees seems attractive to them. These new agents often struggle to learn the business and fail at a 90% rate over the first few years. Newer agents at no-fee agencies are often left to fend for themselves to get trained.

The Solution

  • To be successful, agents need to develop skills on building systems for lead generation, negotiation, managing an escrow, providing customer service, developing market knowledge, staying abreast of market changes and new technology and so much more. So many agents never get this training

  • Draw A Door® School of Real Estate is designed to bridge that gap – to help agents devise and implement the systems and tools required to help their businesses thrive. We offer everthing from a full education of all aspects of a real estate business, including mindset and philosophy, practical skills and a deeper understanding of the laws and day to day actions required for business longevity to weekly accountability, and coaching.
It’s what’s missing in the industry to raise the level of competency and professionalism.

Customer centered, service focused, success driven tools for twenty-first century real estate agent.

Our Philosophy

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Real Estate is a Relationship Business - Not a Sales Business

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Operate from a Servant Mentality - Be of Service

Yes You Can

You are Capable - You Can Do This!

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A Career in Real Estate offers Endless Possibilities

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Operate From a Place of Integrity

Powerful Performance

Be Willing to Grow and Expand

There is no secret to success in real estate

(Look at the top producers in your community -
they don't all do business the same way!)

There is only this principle:

(Make it a daily mantra)

"My success in real estate is directly proportional to the number of people I speak with about real estate on a daily basis."

How you do your business could either inspire you or drag you down.

It's challenging follow someone else's system.

Let us help you create a business that inspires you and helps you reach your financial goals.

We offer:
  • One-on-one Training and Coaching
  • Online Classes, Seminars and Workshops
  • Live Classes, Seminars and Workshops
  • Continuing Education Classes (Arizona Only)

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