My Logos

Draw A Door bubble logo

The Draw A Door® logo is an opening door in a cartoon speech bubble.
It was designed by Think Dapper to represent how conversations - specific, guided conversations - can open new doors of possibility.

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I love this piece of art.

It was created by my friend Jon Marro and for me represents that any seed, any idea, can grow in any environment.

To me, it says if you have an idea, tend it, water it, nurture it and work towards it's fulfillment you can achieve success.

I agree with Napoleon Hill: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve."

You can count on me to be a "YES!" “Yes you can” and “yes we can”.

We will celebrate our unique talents and gifts and channel them towards making a difference to fulfill our spiritual and created purposes.

I am a champion to empower dreamers to unleash their creative and entrepreneurial spirit to enrich their lives with passion, freedom, and joy.

Foundations for Success

You Are Capable
  1. Trust
  2. Operate from Intention
  3. Be all in
  4. Do Not Quit
Anything is Possible
  1. There are no rules
  2. Create systems and structures that work
Integrity Matters
  1. Honor your word
  2. Do what you say you'll do by when you say you'll do it and communicate when you can't or don't
  3. Be good at what you do
Operate From your Key Difference
  1. Don't sell out on your values
  2. Manage your thought process
Action is the Only Thing that Produces Results
  1. Take action aligned with your Key Difference
  2. Knowledge is power when organized into a plan of action
  3. You must do the work, but you can't do it alone
  4. Question acting out of obligation
An Open Mind Opens Doors
  1. Be willing to see things differently
  2. Question everything you believe to be true
  3. Don't discount any thought or idea

Let's chat

Draw a Door® Business Coaching will be your access to freedom in your career. Conventional thinking gets you conventional results. There is no one secret to success in real estate. There are no rules to follow, no pre-defined steps to take.

Together, we’ll create an action plan that inspires you and moves you to action. The first call is on me.