I need to…

plan v realty

So often, when we talk about our businesses, we talk about what we need to do.
“I need a better xyz system.”
“I need to do x.”
“Everyone says I need to …”
The question we need to ask next is “Why?”

Why do you need to do anything?

So often we get sucked into the rules of our business, the musts and the have tos.
“You have to be on social media.”
“You have to make a hour of calls per day to your database.”

Isn’t it exhausting to have to do things you don’t want to do because everyone says you have to?
Isn’t it draining to feel bad about all the things you’re not doing, that you think you should be doing?
Isn’t it frustrating that when you do the things you’re supposed to, they don’t quite work how everyone says they should?

It’s time to change the conversation.

First off, you don’t need to do anything.

There is no one way to accomplish the goal you are working towards.

There is no direct path, one set of rules to follow, or one guaranteed system that will work.

What works is taking action that you are inspired by, action that you decide is the path to your results.
What works is you taking a stand that you can achieve your goals, what you want is not only possible, but available with the right actions.
What works is not following anyone else’s rules or systems that you think you should follow but creating your own path, creating your systems, that align with your values, your personality and your commitments.
What works is knowing there will be challenges and roadblocks and they are not going to stop you from achieving your dreams.

For today, try these three exercises:

1: Get present to your goals and dreams for your business?

Take a few minutes to get present to your why – why do you do what you do?
What do your clients and customers get by working with you?
What results are you out to produce by the difference you and your business make?
What you do is far less important than why you do it – your what is just the means to the end.

2: Look at the items on your calendar and todo list.

Are there appointments, meetings or todo items that you really don’t want to do?
If so, either don’t do them OR get present to how they will help you achieve your goals.
If they don’t serve your dreams and visions, don’t do them.
If they do serve your intentions, do them with passion and vigor to produce the outcome you want most.
If there are items on your todo list that have been there for a long time – and you haven’t done them – take them off the list.
Why do you keep dragging them along?
Admit that you’re not going to do them. Then, find another way to achieve the result that item might have created for you – something that you will actually do.

3: be grateful.

Take a few minutes to be grateful for all you have, and all the opportunity you have to make a difference for yourself, your family, friends, clients, people you meet and the world.
Know that people rely on you and appreciate you, in ways that you have no idea about.
Let (at least) one person in your world know something you are grateful for about them – someone who always makes you smile, someone who has gone out of their way for you, someone who you’ve been thinking about and haven’t talked to for a while.

You don’t need to do anything. You could have your life inspire you though.

You could have your actions create the future you’re committed to.

You could live life by your design, not by default following someone else’s rules.

Freedom, joy and power is available to you at any moment.