What are you seeing?

This image is an optical illusion.

It was published in 1915 by British cartoonist William Ely Hill, who called the picture my wife and my mother in law.

Depending on how you look at this picture, you might see an old hag looking down, or you might see a beautiful young girl looking away from you.

Look again. Do you see both, the young woman, and the old woman?
It is an optical illusion.

Once you’re told there are two women in the picture, hopefully, you can see both of them.
It’s all in your point of view.

This image is called the Penrose triangle. It’s also called. the impossible triangle.

It looks like a three dimensional object, but it can only exist in two dimensions.

It cannot exist in real life.

Except that two architects, in Perth, Australia, created this sculpture of the impossible triangle.

However, if you took two steps to the left, you would have a different view of the impossible triangle.

You could see that it’s not, actually, the impossible triangle.

It’s not a triangle at all.

And, actually, if you move a little further away, this is what you’d see.
This, the sculpture from above. It’s nothing even close to a triangle.

How we look at something, will impact what we see.

If we apply this principle to you, how does your business look to you?

What’s your life look like?

How you see your circumstances, is all a point of view.
If you change your perspective, it might look entirely different.

Draw A Door Business Coaching, is designed to help you create that small shift, in perspective, that will create, a massive shift in your actions, and, your results.

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