plan v realty

I need to…

Monday April 11, 2022

So often, when we talk about our businesses, we talk about what we need to do.“I need a better xyz … More

What are you seeing?

Sunday March 6, 2022

This image is an optical illusion. It was published in 1915 by British cartoonist William Ely Hill, who called the … More

happiness at what is

Happiness & Power

Monday January 31, 2022

Happiness is a function of accepting what is. Werner Erhard Accepting the reality of our circumstances can provide a tremendous … More

the weight of i should

Stop Should-ing on Yourself

Tuesday January 18, 2022

How much does “should-ing” yourself wear you down? I mean, “I should be more organized,” or “I need to get … More

What do you aspire to?

Monday January 10, 2022

As business owners, we have goals, intentions, outcomes we want to produce. So why do so many people fail at … More


Sunday January 2, 2022

Do you know the story of Frankenstein? The book was written by Mary Shelly in 1818.  It’s been made into … More

Arbitrary and Random

Friday December 31, 2021

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. The start of a new year. We human beings like to create markers in time. … More