Do you know the story of Frankenstein?

The book was written by Mary Shelly in 1818.  It’s been made into movies, tv shows, become part of the culture.

People often refer to the monster as Frankenstein but in the book, the monster was only called monster, or creature, or demon, or devil or fiend.

Frankenstein was the creator- Dr. Viktor Frankenstein.

The monster was his creation.

In the story, Dr. Frankenstein took his skills and passion for science into creating life.  

He had massive success creating the monster but it quickly turned into something bad.

Soon after creating the monster, the monster escaped, grew strong and Dr. Frankenstein spent his whole life trying to rein in the creature.

He died exhausted, tired, emaciated, and weak.

His creation became the source of his pain.

The moral of the story, spoken in Dr. Frankensteins final words were:   Seek happiness in tranquility. (and avoid ambition)

We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Why am I talking about Frankenstein on a business blog?

There’s another moral to the story:

Your creation can be the source of your happiness or the source of your pain.

Do you control your business or does your business control you?

Is there tranquility in your business or does your drive to succeed make you stressed, anxious, or even sick?

What would it take to make sure your business – your creation – does not control you, but you control it? When you allow your business to control your life, something is off and you may end up like Dr. Frankenstein, beaten by your own creation.

Let’s talk and take back control so you can experience freedom in your life and your business.