Arbitrary and Random

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. The start of a new year.

We human beings like to create markers in time. Everything before is yesterday. Everything to come is the future. Just because some dude, some thousands of years ago, said “hey! Let’s number each 24 hour cycle around the sun and call it a day. And then let’s string 365 or so of them together and call it a year. Then we can number our months and days so we can keep track of things. So tomorrow is New Year’s Day and we all feel like we are starting anew.

The reality is, we can begin a new year at any time. Time continues to move forward whether we mark it with days and hours or not. But the coming of the new year reminds us that we can start fresh. That we can start anew.

But don’t forget you can do that at any time. Or any day. Or any hour.

What’s great about New Year’s, and depressing for some, is it’s a chance to look back and reflect on the past… and create a new future.

“Our future is not determined for us.  We have to invent it.”

Fernando Flores: Conversations for Action

New Year’s is a reminder to stop – and look – and create – what’s next for life. It could be more of the same or it could be something dramatically different and we all have a choice in any moment to choose what’s next. With focus, intention, and a vision for something inspiring we can have life go the way we want it to go. Suffering in this world is optional. Some days it rains and some days it’s sunny but either way each is a new day with new choices and opportunities for the future. Let’s focus on the positive. Let’s focus on making a difference. And let’s focus on having the future go the way we say it’s going to go

My calling in life is people live free. My businesses are about people experiencing freedom in life and living powerfully, creating their dreams. I envision a world where people are alive with love and possibility.

Join me in celebrating the new year – today and everyday.


“Yes “was created by artist and visionary Jon Marro.

In it, I see a seed, an idea, well tended will always burst forth with life. Anything is possible.