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"Who knew I could stay awake - and participate in a contract law class CE Class!"
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Not all training classes are created equally.

Different instructors can deliver the same content with styles that work or don’t for the participants of the class.

Butch’s classes are highly interactive and usually fun.

" My classes are designed from a service point of view. Successful agents need to know their business and need to find ways to put themselves and their heart into creating a business they love."


Hire Butch to Teach

I offer Arizona CE classes for REALTORS®. I'm also a certified Cromford Report Trainer and teach Cromford Classes.

Below is a list of just some of the classes I offer. If you have a special need, please give me a call.

Agency Law CE Classes

Understanding the Housing Market - featuring data from the Cromford Report.
Using Cromford Data to understand the market and better represent your clients. (Phoenix area agents only)

Buyers are Liars... or are they
The buyer consultation class or how understanding your client's needs upfront can save you (and them) a ton of heartbreak later.

Don't be a Secret Agent
Agency law and issues agents face in representation that could cost them money of their license.

Commissioner's Standards CE Classes

Above All Standards
The Arizona Administrative Code Title 4, Article 28 or how to keep your real estate license

What is your License Worth?
This class explores parts of the Commissioner’s Rules that deal with areas that get agents into trouble.

Code Word Ethics
This class explores the Commissioner's Rules vs the NAR Code of Ethics and how both get enforced. Qualifies for NAR Code of Ethics credit as well.

Disclosure CE Classes

Give it to them Straight
This course will identify several parts of case law, rules and statutes that create our obligation to disclose various matters. We will review how the agent should present the disclosure obligation to the client and the means of disclosure that will satisfy the obligation.

They Need to Know
This class will explore many of the disclosure requirements that Arizona licensees must follow, including Lead Based Paint, ARS 32-2156, material facts and latent defects.

Legal Issues CE Classes

Rules and Laws to Follow
This class will review the various state statutes, including subdivision laws, deeds of trust, landlord/tenant, Affidavit of Disclosure, and other statutes that affect real estate sales.

Is It Legal?
This class will explore some of the more common laws, statutes and rules that affect the licensee.

Contract Law CE Classes

All About the Addenda
This objective of this class will be to explore the 12 Arizona Association of Realtors addenda that are used most frequently and their impact when included in a residential purchase contract. We will explore the ways to complete the addenda, who initiates each form and the ways to explain them to the client and/or the cooperating agent.

Employment Agreements
This class reviews the Listing Agreement and Buyer Broker Agreement in depth and issues of compensation.

Contract Issues and Remedies
This class will explore some of the typical problems in residential real estate contracts. For each scenario, we will discuss the possible cause, solutions and ways to prevent that problem from occurring in the future. < /div>
Contract Says it All
This class will explore some of the more common questions and issues relating to the 2020 AAR Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract, along with some general contract issues and interpretations.

Contract Essentials This class will review the essential basics of a valid, enforceable real estate contract. We will review the rules of offer, acceptance and delivery, as well as the best methods for a counter offer, multiple counter offers and even multiple offers. In addition, we will review some industry addenda including Seller Financing, Septic and HOA. Contingencies and performance obligations will also be reviewed.


The Cromford Report I offer several Classes on how to use and navigate the report. I have classes for beginners and more advanced users. I can also do Cromford Market Updates for your office meetings or other groups.

Prospecting with Authenticity Developing a marketing program for your business that makes prospecting fun. This class has agents leave with an actual plan that inspires them to take their business to the next level.

The Listing Presentation The only "real" salesy part of being a Realtor®. This class offers a presentation and some basic sales techniques that are natural, easy and effective at closing the deal.

This is More Important Than That - Time Management for Realtors® Sometimes a small shift in perspective is all it takes to raise your level of productivity.

Why a Why Operating your business from a foundation that inspires you will help you grow your business exponentially. With a special exercise on shifting your mood at any time.

Tech Skills Classes - One on one or group training on various technologies used in the business, including Transaction Desk, Skyslope, FlexMLS, Showing Time, etc.

New Agent Training I have a series of classes designed for newer or struggling agents on a wide range of topics like "How to Hold and EFFECTIVE Open House", "Developing Trust", "The Ecrow Process", "A Farm Can Feed You For Life", "Social Media Marketing" and more.

Each CE class is $325 except the Cromford CE Class which is $400 (heavy preparation is required).
Non CE Classes range from $150 to $400 depending.

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